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Productname: Modernization Details
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    According to different projects' situations, BORAL can provide complete modernization solutions which cover from design, manufacture, delivery to guidance for customers' installation and debugging. Comprehensive support can be supplied through the whole process of modernization. The following mechanical and electrical parts for customers 'modernization can be designed and produced by us.

1  Mechanical Parts
1.1 Traction Machine VVVF Geared Machine or PM Gearless Machine
1.2 Traction Machine Bed Set Made for the replaced Traction Machine
1.3 Speed Governor BORAL Standard
1.4 Pulley Sheave For above traction machine
1.5 Wire Rope For above traction machine & speed governor
1.6 VVVF car door system Replace the existing old door system
1.7 Landing Door System
2  Electrical Parts
2.1 Complete Control Cabinet VVVF in Serial or Parallel system, 2.2-37 KW, 200V/400V, up to 4m/s speed
2.2 Encoder with Cable Installed according to the Traction Machine
2.3 Car Top Board Installed in the Car Top Inspection Box according to BORAL controller
2.4 Display Board for COP and LOPs Installed in the COP and LOPs based on BORAL controller
2.5 Car Instruction Board Installed in the based on BORAL controller
2.6 COP Dot Matrix, blue LCD display
2.7 LOPs
2.8 Car Top Inspection Box Boral Standard
2.9 Pit box Boral Standard
2.10 Leveling Photoelectric Switch DC24V Normally Open
2.11 Limit Switch Normally Close
2.12 All Cable All Plug in type
2.12.1 Traveling Cable From Control Cabinet to Car top Inspection Box.
2.12.2 Round Shaft Cable From Control Cabinet to Limit Switches.
2.12.3 Round Shaft Cable From Control Cabinet to Pit Switch
2.12.4 Landing Door Lock Cable From Control Cabinet to Landing Door Locks.
2.12.5 LOP Communication Cable From Control Cabinet to Landing Door Locks.
2.12.6 Car Top Branch Cables From Car Top Inspection Box to COP, Door Operator, Light Curtain and so on
3  Other Optional Parts
3.1 Group Controlling Board For 3-8 units lift
3.2 PC Monitoring Board Quarter Monitoring
3.3 ARD Match to Control Cabinet
3.4 UPS Emergency Power for Brake
3.5 IC Card Installed in the COP and LOPs.
3.6 Voice Announcement Broadcast to the floor information
3.7 Vice COP For run-through door

    The above is description mainly aimed at elevator electrical system and related parts. Both mechanical and electrical modernization solutions can be made by BORAL based on customers' different requirements. Our modernization for your projects will make elevators' performance more excellent.


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